Did fans mob Yahagi Moeka out of AKB48?

AKB48 3rd Generation Draft member Yahagi Moeka announced her graduation from AKB48 on 27 October 2019 during the TV show Mirai Monster. She will leave the group with the handshake event on 1 February 2020.

Yahagi Moeka, who is currently the center of AKB48’s 56th single “Sustainable”, reported in the AKB48 blog that she had already thought about leaving AKB48 several times, but the AKB48 staff asked her to stay again and again. Although she became AKB48 member just recently starting January 2018, her talent made her known beyond the group. Shortly after her promotion to a full Komiyama Team K member in December 2018, she got a solo concert and a photobook. Due to her singing talent she came second in the first “AKB48 Group Kasho Ryoku No. 1 Chain Iron” and only had to admit her defeat to Nojima Kano (SKE).
This summer she became a victim of mobbing by her classmates, which sold private photos to the Japanese tabloid magazine “Shukan Bunshun”. AKB48 fans opened a witch hunt on Yahagi Moeka. Although her popularity ratings have recovered in the meantime, unpleasant comments in topics about Yahagi Moeka keep appearing. Recently there have been many negative comments about her figure, which have also attacked Team K Captain Komiyama Haruka.