Suzuki Ayane cast in TV drama "HIGH POSITION"

The Japanese television station TV Osaka (TVO) is launching a TV adaptation of the successful manga “HIGH POSITION” by Takashi Kira starting 11 January 2020. Nogizaka46 member Suzuki Ayane gets her first regular TV role in the drama. She will play the high school student Sachiko, the later wife of Amano Mitsuhiko, the hero of manga.

Amano Mitsuhiko is full of regret. As a 46-year-old employee who has just been fired, he learns that his wife wants a divorce, something he has wanted for years. So he visits a soapland, a place he hasn’t been since he met his wife 22 years ago. A fire suddenly breaks out there, keeping Amano and a soap-girl trapped in the bathroom. In a rare moment of bravery and determination, Amano tries to get the girl to safety, just to slip and bang his head. As his consciousness fades, he still sees the back of the girl who can escape. He regrets when he faints that his wife Sachiko and his daughter Miyu will be objects of ridicule because he dies in such a place. When he wakes up a little later, he sees himself as a 16-year-old student. He has travelled back in time!