Takoyaki Party 53: Powered by Mahjong, Qoo, and Viewers Like You

The 53rd episode of Takoyaki Party. The  themes are this time:

– 48Group TDC Concert Matsuri
– Yamao Rina graduation
– 9th Anniversary + Ota Yuuri Grad Concert DVD Box Set
– YNN 24hr College Announced
– You Gotta NMB+, Yorugata NMB+, Hirugata+
– NMB Mahjong TV Show Host Changes and NMB Mahjong Game Competition
– Showroom Contests
– Koga Narumi’s Graduation Performance Surprise Guests
– Ota Yuuri final handshakes, final theater performance.
– Ota Yuuri’s Fashion Collaboration
– Comment Corner
– The Golden Takoyaki Awards 2019 Announcement
– Fake Outro

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