"Hinatazaka" performed at FNS Kayousei

When the Japanese idol group Hiragana Keyaki graduated from Keyakizaka46 in spring 2019 and was renamed Hinatazaka46, the group’s “Debut Countdown LIVE” concert took place on 5 and 6 March 2019, where they officially made their debut. For this reason Hinatazaka46 got the song “Hinatazaka” from the Japanese producer Akimoto Yasushi. This song was only played during the “Debut Countdown LIVE” concert until 11 December 2019. Hinatazaka46 gave the fans a special Christmas present on 11 December 2019 during the annual music show “FNS Kayousei 2nd Day” and performed “Hinatazaka” for the first time on TV.