"Nogizaka46 Cinemas – Story of 46" started

The Japanese TV station FujiTV and the idol group Nogizaka46 will be releasing 10 short films over the next few weeks via the streaming channel of FujiTV FOD Premium. Each short film will feature one Nogizaka46 member in the leading role, directed by well-known Japanese directors. The episodes are released every Wednesday at 0:00 am. Start was 25 December 2019. Detailed description of all short films on FOD Nogizaka46 Cinemas Homepage.

Episode 1 “Birds, Nobles” (25.12.2019)
Starring: Asuka Saito × Director: Sho Yanagisawa

Episode 2 “Perfect I” (01.01.2020)
Starring: Manatsu Akimoto × Director: Yusaku Matsumoto