"bis" & AKB48 Group Showroom LIVE Event presents first results

The Showroom LIVE event of the Japanese fashion magazine “bis” with the Japanese idol groups of the AKB48 Group is coming to an end and the first results are announced. The Top 3 of each group will appear with their own article in the magazine. The winner of each group will participate in the final round for a model contract with “bis”.

AKB48: (4. – 10. April 2020)
1. Shitao Miu (Team 8)
2. Sakaguchi Nagisa (Team 8)
3. Omori Maho (Team B)

NMB48: (13. – 19. March 2020)
1. Shinzawa Nao (Team BII)
2. Hara Karen (Team BII)

STU48: (20. – 26. March 2020)
1. Fukuda Akari
2. Imamura Mitsuki
3. Kai Kokoa