JoshBox – SKE48 Member Gets In Trouble!

SLOPE Podcast member JoshBox is back after a longer break with his own AKB48 Group News channel. This time he focuses on news from the idol groups of the AKB48 Group and former members.

  • SKE48 Tsuzuki Rika apologizes for calling HKT48 members ugly and is in trouble
  • IZ*ONE Superstar App available for download
  • Maeda Ayaka Hiatus ends
  • NMB48 Datte Datte Datte MV
  • NMB48 23. Single Postponed
  • atmos pink x Shiroma Miru x PUMA shoes collaboration
  • HKT48 3-2 Single on Spotify
  • Miyazaki Miho Youtube Channel
  • Cho Kurena YouTube Channel
  • Yamada Nana YouTube Channel
  • Jonishi Kei fan club announced
  • BNK48 9th Single Sousenkyo winner Jane

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