Yakiniku IWA with sales decline due to Corona

Like many restaurants in Japan, the restaurant chain Yakiniku IWA of EX-AKB48 Janken winner Uchida Mayumi is struggling with the consequences of the corona crisis. Like Uchida Mayumi in the TBS programme “Bakugou! FRIDAY SP”, her revenues have fallen by 70% and she can barely pay her rent, salaries of her full-time employees and loans. Her waitresses, many of whom are former members of the Japanese idol group AKB48, such as Iino Miyabi at the moment, she cannot hold on to, although it hurts her a lot. At the moment she can only open for four hours a day and now offers a delivery service. Uchida Mayumi celebrated the sixth anniversary of the opening of her restaurant in Tokyo just a few days ago on 29 April 2020.

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