Over 1 million fans saw Nogizaka46 2017 Tokyo Dome concert on YouTube

Due to the current corona crisis, the Japanese idol group Nogizaka46 had to cancel the planned three-day graduation concert in the Tokyo Dome of their member Shiraishi Mai, which was scheduled for April 5-7, 2020. As a compensation, the group showed a recording of their 2017 Tokyo Dome concert on YouTube on those days. More than 300,000 fans followed the stream on YouTube every day, on the last day even more than 370,000 fans. Many Nogizaka46 members were among the viewers themselves and published comments on the events in the social media networks. Little details, like recipe ideas for snacks, were part of the stream and Nogizaka46 member Shiraishi Mai welcomed one member daily for a chat before and after the stream.

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