HKT48 Mercury and NGT48 FLORA merge into "SPROOT"

The South Korean communication platform LINE Entertainment Company and the two Japanese digital marketing groups Septeni Holdings Co, Ltd. and Piara Co, Ltd. will jointly take control of the management companies HKT48 Mercury and NGT48 FLORA. An investment agreement was signed. HKT48 Mercury and NGT48 FLORA will thus become wholly owned subsidiaries of the new company SPROOT (Sprout + ROOT).

Watanabe Hiroyuki, CEO of SPROOT, said: “Entertainment is an essential element of a fulfilling life. In the future, the members of HKT48 and NGT48 will explore new ways to bring them closer to their fans more than ever. Our mission is to provide them with solid support. These are times of drastic changes, like the coronavirus epidemic and the spread of digital media, where our partners will support us. And most importantly, with the help of the fans we will do our best to make HKT48 and NGT48 leading idol groups”.

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