48 in 30 Ep01: IZ*ONE and AKB48 New Music Videos

The members of the Slope Podcast leave their usual slope and try their hand at the slalom course of the AKB48 Group Groups. Together with two guests Tron and RJ they try to report and discuss news of the AKB48 Group in less than 30 minutes.

– AKB48 Hanarete itemo Music Video
– NGT48 5th Single Sherbert Pink
– Akimoto Sayaka gets married
– Ex NMB48 Naiki Kokoro announces Photobook
– IZ*ONE Secret Story of the Swan Music Video

Overseas corner:
MNL48 presents: Chain. Full Trailor

JKT48 Launches Academy Auditions

SGO48 YouTube Membership

Shirai Kotono graduation from SKE
Shintani Nonoka graduation from STU
Kobayashi Rina graduation from NMB