"Documentary of Hinatazaka46" scheduled for August

The Japanese idol group Hinatazaka46 has announced the theatrical release of their documentary “Documentary of Hinatazaka46 – 3-Nenme no Debut” and released a new preview on YouTube. The documentary will be shown in Japanese cinemas from 7 August 2020 and new posters have been released.

A 46-minute preview “3-Nenme no Debut Documentary of Hinatazaka46 46min Trailer” was shown by Japanese TV station TBS in March 2020 and covers the Hiragana Keyaki years of the group. Furthermore, in cooperation with “Weekly Playboy” the series “Hinatazaka46 Story – Let’s start with Hiragana!” was released on 25 March 2020 as the book “Hinatazaka46 Story”.


Hinatazaka46 Homepage – Hinatazaka46 Story

Hinatazaka46 Homepage – Documentary of Hinatazaka46

Documentary of Hinatazaka46 Homepage