TK & Aki-P cooperate for new Nogizaka46 EDM Song "Route 246"

Nogizaka46 producer Akimoto Yasushi has brought back the most successful Japanese composer, songwriter and music producer Tetsuya “TK” Komuro from retirement and has entered into a new cooperation with him after 10 years. Nogizaka46 will release its new digital single “Route 246”, spoken “Route to Forty Six”, composed and arranged by Tetsuya Komuro, lyrics by Akimoto Yasushi, on 24 July 2020. According to Tetsuya Komuro, who opened the Japanese market for Electronic Dance Music (EDM), “Route 246” was created with a strong beat under the concept of “friendship”. The song “Route 246” will be revealed on 22 July 2020 during the radio show “Nogizaka46 no All Night Nippon” and will be presented to the public during the “Music Station 3.5 Hour Special” on 24 July 2020. Center is Nogizaka46 member Saito Asuka.

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