Corona virus reaches AKB48

It was only a matter of time until the Corona virus reached Japan’s largest idol group AKB48 Group. The management of AKB48 has announced that Team B member Takita Kayoko entered home quarantine in early July with mild cold symptoms. After detecting symptoms of corona infection, such as abnormal smell and taste, she had a PCR test for Corvid-19 performed on herself. Unfortunately, the test was positive and she immediately went for medical treatment in a local quarantine station.

Although all AKB48 Group members are currently in their home offices and only go to the Theater under increased hygiene guidelines, short-term contact among the members cannot be prevented. So Takita Kayoko had contact to Team 4 member Tatsuya Makiho before the first symptoms appeared. Tatsuya Makiho immediately quarantined herself after Takita Kayoko showed first symptoms and had a PCR test for Corvid-19 carried out. The result was negative and Tatsuya Makiho was able to resume her activities with the group.

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