The Slope Podcast Special: What is the best Photobook?

This time the members of the SLOPE podcast have decided to present the photobooks of the Sakamichi46 series and introduce the ten best photobooks in their opinion. Each individual photobook is judged on a variety of factors including feel, mood, charisma, technical skills, paper quality and even layout.

The presented photobooks are:
– Imaizumi Yui Photobook
– Eto Misa Photobook
– Shinuchi May Photobook
– Nagahama Neru Photobook
– Watanabe Risa Photobook
– Sakurai Reika Photobook
– Hori Miona Photobook
– Hashimoto Nanami Photobook
– Keyakizaka46 Photobook
– Ikuta Erika Photobook
– Yamashita Mizuki Photobook
– Ito Marika Photobook
– Shiraishi May Photobook