Fashion tips for men from AKB48

Based on an idea of AKB48 designer Shinobu Kayano and Soukantoku Mukaichi Mion, inspired by a “Soukantoku locker room” show, the Japanese idol group AKB48 has started a cooperation with the fashion company OSARE COMPANY, which produces the costumes of the AKB48 Group, and the fashion store chain “nano universe”. Together they will produce a YouTube show “Imechen48” and give fashion tips for men from the perspective of women. The show “Imechen48” with Mukaichi Mion, Shitao Miu, Oda Erina, Kayano Shinobu (OSARE COMPANY) and Wada Hayato (nano universe) will be broadcasted every two weeks from 28 July 2020 on the YouTube channel of nano universe, if it is well received.