AKB48 Group at Tokyo Idol Festival Online 2020

All Japanese idol groups of the AKB48 Group, AKB48, AKB48 Team 8, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, NGT48 and STU48 have announced their participation in the TIF Online 2020. In addition, the groups =LOVE and ≠ME as well as 22/7 and Last Idol will also perform. Due to the current situation, this year’s festival will have an international section. For idol groups from Thailand a special section “Tokyo Idol Festival Online 2020 from Bangkok” has been created.

The biggest Idol Festival in Japan the “Tokyo Idol Festival 2020” will go on the internet due to the Corona crisis and stream all its shows as “Tokyo Idol Festival Online 2020”. At the same time, the festival will take the chance and invite virtual idols to a special project “virtual TIF”. As last year, EX-HKT48 member Sashihara Rino will again chair the festival. The “Tokyo Idol Festival Online 2020” runs from 2 to 4 October 2020.

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