Hinata-C Magic

The Japanese dietary supplement manufacturer SPIC Co., Ltd. has launched a campaign for its vitamin C supplement Lypo-C with the Japanese idol group Hinatazaka46. Hinatazaka46 appears together with Tokui Yoshimi, Segawa Ayaka, Hikapu, Tetsuya Chihara and Yahara Rika in five commercials. In addition, special ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos were recorded with Hinatazaka46 members Kanemura Miku, Sasaki Mirei, Kosaka Nao, Saito Kyoko and Kato Shiho, which are best enjoyed with headphones. The commercials were uploaded together with a making-of to the Lypo-C CHANNEL in Youtube.

ASMR Videos:


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