Graduation concert of Yoshida Akari and NMB48 Anniversary concert end of October

The Japanese idol group NMB48 will give three concerts in Osaka-Jo Hall on 23 and 24 October 2020. On 23 October 2020, the group will celebrate its 10th anniversary with the “NMB48 10th Anniversary LIVE – Kokoro wo hitotsu ni, One for all, All for one”. This concert will be broadcast live on several Japanese streaming channels on the Internet. The concert “NMB48 Next Generation – Namba Shikan Katan!” of the 5th, 3rd Draft, 6th and 7th Generation of NMB48 will introduce the second day. At the end of the day, NMB48 will say goodbye to Yoshida Akari, a founding member of NMB48, with the “Yoshida Akari Graduation Concert – Sayonara Pink, Sayonara Idol”.

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