Niigata Albirex BB win thanks to NGT48

The season of the Niigata Basketball Team “Niigata Albirex BB” did not go so well so far. So the team got support from the Niigata Idol group NGT48, especially from NGT48 Kenkyuusei Terada Hina, who regularly brings the team the victory when she is present at a game. Niigata Albirex BB has started a cooperation with NGT48 in order to encourage the people of Niigata in the current situation. NGT48 members Homma Hinata, Oguma Tsugumi, Tominaga Yu, Komiyama Sara and Terada Hina attended the game against the Yokohama B Corsairs and gave a performance before the game started. As hoped, the Niigata Albirex BB won their first victory of the season.

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