Hinatazaka46 Documentary announced as Blu-ray/DVD box

The documentary “3-Nenme no Debut” about the Japanese idol group Hinatazaka46 will be released as a Blu-ray/DVD box on 20 January 2021. Besides the main movie a 50min longer directors cut version will be added as a bonus.

  • Hinatazaka46 Documentary “3-Nenme no Debut” (119 mins.)
  • Bonus Disc 1: Director cut complete version (173 mins.)
  • Bonus Disc 2: Trailer / Undisclosed PR comment video / 3-Nenme no Debut ceremonial LINE LIVE (76 mins.)

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Hinatazaka46 Documentary Eiga "3 Nenme no Debut" Deluxe Edition

Hinatazaka46 Documentary Eiga “3 Nenme no Debut” Deluxe Edition