AKB48 promotes Kenkyuusei

The Japanese idol group celebrated its 15th anniversary on 8 December 2020 with a video conference streamed on the Internet, as the traditional anniversary performance had to be cancelled due to leading members going into quarantine after a positive Covid19 diagnosis following a performance and thus unable to attend the performance. Among them were founding member Minegishi Minami and the group’s current center. During the conference, AKB48 Soukantoku Mukaichi Mion announced the promotion of the remaining AKB48 Kenkyuusei with their future teams.

Team A:
Furukawa Nazuna, Honda Sora

Team K:
Nagano Megumi

Team 4:
Ishiwata Sena, Kuramoto Miyuu, Yoshihashi Yuzuka, Homma Mai

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