Imaizumi Yui announces marriage. Partner suspected of sexual abuse.

EX-Keyakizaka46 member Imaizumi Yui has announced she is getting married to Japanese YouTuber Watanabe Mahoto. She also announced that she is pregnant and is expecting her first child this year. Imaizumi Yui met Watanabe Mahoto in spring 2020 through EX-Keyakizaka46 member Shida Manaka, who is a close friend and a YouTuber herself. Imaizumi Yui is currently recovering from a Covid-19 infection, which she caught in October 2020.

Meanwhile, allegations of sexual abuse of minors by Watanabe Mahoto have come to light. He allegedly demanded pornographic images from a 15-year-old student, according to YouTuber KoreKore. Watanabe Mahoto was summoned to give a statement to the police. Meanwhile, Japanese social media artist agency UUUM announced on its homepage that it had immediately terminated its contract with Watanabe Mahoto.

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