Title for ≠ME Debut Album announced

The Japanese voice actor idol group ≠ME, sister group of =LOVE, celebrated its second anniversary with a “≠ME 2nd Anniversary YouTube Live!” on 24 February 2021. During the concert, producer Sashihara Rino announced the title “Chou Tokkyuu ≠ME Iki” for ≠ME’s debut mini-album with a letter. The album will be released on 7 April 2021.



M1. Overture
M2. Kimi no Oto Dattanda
M3. Kimi to Boku no Uta
M4. Kurukuru Kaki Gouri
M5. Kuuhaku no Hana
M6. P.I.C
M7. Limited. TBA (A)
M7. Regular  TBA (B)
M7. ≠ME Board TBA (C)
M8. Himitsu Incident (New Song)
M9. ≠ME

DVD: (Limited Version Only)
D1: Himitsu Incident MV