SKE48 Teen Unit Election Results

The Japanese idol group SKE48 has announced the “Teen Unit” result of its SKE48 28th single fan selection project “The future lies in the hands of girls”. The top 6 ranked will form the “Teen Unit” B-side in SKE48’s upcoming 28th single. The first two places will form the double center of the song. Rankings seven through ten will win a two-page photo article in the Japanese idol magazine “Weekly SPA!”.

  1. Sakamoto Marin (Team S) – 8,296 votes
  2. Suenaga Oka (Team E) – 7,808 votes
  3. Asai Yuka (Team E) – 6,191 votes
  4. Kamimura Ayuka (Team S) – 5,878 votes
  5. Mizuno Airi (Team KII) – 5,511 votes
  6. Okamoto Ayaka (Team KII) – 5,479 votes
  7. Aikawa Honoka (Team E) – 5,219 votes
  8. Kurashima Ami (Team E) – 4,920 votes
  9. Arano Himeka (Team S) – 3,448 votes
  10. Sugiyama Aika (Team S) – 2,939 votes

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