"HINA_SATSU VOL.01" First Print Run announced

Japanese publisher Kobunsha has announced the first print run of its 252-page anthology “HINA_SATSU VOL.01”. The book has been available for order since 3 February 2021 and the publisher has been inundated with orders ever since. The book has been #1 on all major online booksellers for weeks. Therefore, the publisher has decided to produce the first edition with 200,000 copies. The popular picture column HINA_SATSU is based on the “NOGI_SATSU” column published in “FRIDAY” by the sister group Nogizaka46. The pictures show the members backstage, without makeup, sleeping, and interacting with other members. “HINA_SATSU VOL.01” will be released on 27 April 2021.



Fan Project MAO_SATSU


Hinatazaka46 Photo Book: Hinata Satsu VOL.01

Hinatazaka46 Photo Book: Hinata Satsu VOL.01