Video released for incomplete song "Kimi to ire ba" by LGM

#リトグリ – Japanese group Little Glee Monster has released their incomplete song “Kimi to ire ba” as a digital single and uploaded a video to YouTube. The song was recorded by the four LGM members Karen, MAYU, manaka and Asahi after LGM member Hasegawa Serina had to take a break due to health reasons in early December 2020. Management announced at the end of May 2021, with Hasegawa Serina’s consent, that she has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and ADHD and is under medical supervision. Her condition has stabilized and she is working to perform with the group again in the future. The song is also a message from LGM to all who suffer from Bipolar Disorder. The song was performed at the end of the Little Glee Monster Arena Tour 2021 “Dearest” in the Saitama Super Arena by the four LGM members with the announcement that this song is not complete until all five members sing it. The video for the song also includes a scene in which all five members meet again after a long time.

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Kimi to ire ba