Terada Ranze announces Graduation from Nogizaka46

#乃木坂46, #寺田蘭世 – Nogizaka46 2nd Generation member Terada Ranze has announced her graduation from the group in the Nogizaka46 “Documentary of Ranze Terada”. After Ozono Momoko and Takayama Kazumi, Terada Raze is the third member of Nogizaka46 who will leave or has left the groups with the 28th single.Fans will especially painfully miss Terada Ranze in the UNDER concerts, as Terada Ranze has become an important pillar of the UNDER members in recent years, and with the 28th single will lead the UNDER members as the center for the third time in the UNDER concert series for the 28th single of Nogizaka46.

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