AKB48 announced a slightly different Request Hour 2022

#AKB48 – Traditionally, AKB48 Request Hour is one of the first concerts of the year for Japanese idol group AKB48. But for the upcoming Request Hour 2022, the group has come up with something special. In the upcoming “AKB48 Coupling Request Hour Set List Best 30 2022,” fans can determine the Top 30 from the B-sides of AKB48 singles. Fans can choose from 204 AKB48 B-sides from all singles starting with the 10th single “Oogoe Diamond” that were released under AKB48. Songs from sister groups cannot be chosen. For this occasion, the group has republished all 204 videos on YouTube, as one of the criteria for the ranking is the number of views of the videos on YouTube. The results will be presented at the “AKB48 Coupling Request Hour Set List Best 30 2022” concert on 6 February 2022 ( Noon) at Tokyo Garden Theater.

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