"B.L.T." reveals the last Cover with the" Gori Gori Donuts"

#日向坂46, #富田鈴花, #松田好花, #渡邉美穂 – The three Hinatazaka46 members Tomita Suzuka, Watanabe Miho and Matsuda Konoka, affectionately known as “Gori Gori Donuts,” are the cover girls of the Japanese magazine “B.L.T.” (July 2022). Shortly after the announcement of Watanabe Miho’s departure from Hinatazaka46, the B.L.T. editorial team decided to put everything else on hold to have the three of them on the cover together for the last time. It’s been almost a year since the three first appeared together as Gori Gori Donuts in the August 2021 issue of the magazine, and they will once again captivate the readers with their charm in the 27-page photo article. Watanabe Miho will also talk about her feelings after her announcement. The magazine will be released with a poster on 24 May 2022.



B.L.T. July 2022 Issue [Cover] Korigori Donuts [Poster] Hinatazaka46: Tomita Suzuka, Matsuda Konoka, Watanabe Miho

B.L.T. July 2022 Issue [Cover] Gori gori Donuts