Suda Akari announced Graduation. Graduation Concerts in September.

#SKE48, #須田亜香里 – The last SKE48 3rd Generation member Suda Akari announced her graduation from the group during the Team E “SKE Festival” performance on 30 May 2022 at the SKE48 Theater. Suda Akari explained that she wanted to finally overcome her fear of this step and put all her experiences into a new Suda Akari. Her graduation concert will be on 24 September 2022 during the night performance. Furuhata Nao will held her graduation on the same day during the noon performance.

– 24.09.2022 (noon) Furuhata Nao Graduation Concert
– 24.09.2022 (night) Suda Akari Graduation Concert
– 25.09.2022 SKE48 14. Jubiläumskonzert