Have you heard? “AKB48, Saikin Kiita?” is now called “AKB48, Saikin Kiitakamo?”

#AKB48 – The current TV Tokyo TV series “AKB48, Saikin Kiita?” featuring Japanese idol group AKB48 aims to convey the charm of AKB48 through music. To this end, the TV series is entering into collaborations with companies and government institutions to produce “new material” together with AKB48. In the current series, “AKB48, Saikin Kiita?” new music videos have been produced for popular AKB48 songs. However, many AKB48 members have anonymously complained that the current series is too peaceful for them, that they lack competition. The program director is now responding to the request and will show the charm of a “fighting AKB” in the new series “AKB48, Saikin Kiitakamo?” starting 12 July 2022. The upcoming series is produced in collaboration with HADO a provider for eSports in an AR environment. For the series, there will be 30 matches in six tournaments over three months.