Hinatazakas Baito changes Job. Miyata Manamo announced Graduation.

#日向坂46, #宮田愛萌 – Hinatazaka46 2nd Generation member Miyata Manamo announced her graduation from the group via her blog on 7 September 2022. Fans and members of the group were shocked. Miyata Manamo, who had to take a break from November 2020 to March 2021 due to health reasons, has still been in poor health since then and has only been able to participate in concerts to a limited extent. She stated in her blog that her condition has deteriorated again and she can no longer handle the stress of being an idol. She will leave the group after consulting with the management. Furthermore, she will also not participate in Hinatazaka46’s upcoming “Happy Smile Tour 2022.” A schedule for her Graduation is yet to be announced.

Miyata Manamo Blog