SKE48 says goodbye to Furuhata Nao and Suda Akari

#SKE48, #須田亜香里, #古畑奈和 – Japanese idol group SKE48 held two graduation concerts for two members in one day for the first time in the group’s history. Despite typhoon warnings and restricted Shinkansen traffic on 24 September 2022, thousands of fans  flooded into Nippon Gaishin Hall to bid farewell to the two popular SKE48 members Furuhata Nao and Suda Akari.

At the colorful “Furuhata Nao Graduation Concert – Honey Festival,” Furuhata Nao graduated and her former teammate Takayanagi Akane appeared for a hot guest appearance for a duet for “Jujun na Slave” and “I’m sure.”

Suda Akari graduated in the evening with the “Suda Akari Graduation Concert – Kimi Dake ga Hitomi no Naka no Center” concert. Her former teammate Matsumura Kaori appeared for the extremely popular duet for “Koko de Ippatsu”. Tani Marika completed the trio for “Koi Yori mo Dram.”