Fans scare away Okada Nana! Sex Life more important than Private Life?

#AKB48, #岡田奈々 – Avex member Okada Nana, who currently works exclusively for Japanese idol group AKB48, will graduate from AKB48. She announced her decision via Twitter on 23 November 2022. She was reacting to a days-long discussion in the AKB48 fan community about her relationship with Japanese actor Ino Hiroki and her alleged violation given the ” Love Ban” rule. Japanese tabloid Shukan Bunshun had reported about the relationship on 19 November 2022. She feels responsible for the current discusion and apologized to her fans. A timetable for her graduation has not been set yet.

Persons who speak of themselves as fans of the Japanese idol group AKB48 accuse Okada Nana of breaking the ” Love Ban” rule, faking a lesbian relationship with her longtime teammate and good friend Murayama Yuiri, and simply lying in older statements of hers. Apart from some situational statements which she made years ago and she has every right to change her mind, all the allegations made by fans are a massive invasion of privacy of Okada Nana and others.
The Japanese public, through its labor laws and executive bodies, has a clear opinion on this, and in recent years several talent agencies that have terminated idols for violating similar rules in their contracts have been ordered to pay large amounts of compensation. In this regard, statements made by AKB48 producer Akimoto Yasushi, AKB48 management to AKB48 Soukantoku Mukaichi Mion and others about the non-existence of a ” Love Ban ” must be taken seriously.
This leaves only the fan community, which would have an interest in such a rule. But it turns out that even here such a rule violates the most important rule – the inviolability of the private life of an idol – between fans and an idol and thus irreparably destroys the trust of an idol to the fans. 
Conclusion: Okada Nana has not violated any laws or her contract. The ” Love-Ban” rule of the fan community itself violates the inviolability rule of an idol’s private life. Thus, those individuals who insist on the “love-ban” rule have destroyed Okada Nana’s trust in the fan community. The fan community has a clear denomination for such persons – ANTI.
What makes matters worse is that these individuals claim to speak for the fan community and want to dictate to fans how they should experience AKB48. This is something that no real fan should put up with.