AKB48 appoints MVPs at 17th Anniversary

#AKB48 – Japanese idol group AKB48 celebrated its 17th anniversary at its theater on 8 December 2022. During the celebration, various members were awarded:

AKB48 Award – Member of the Year

Best Rookie Nominations
17th Generation Sato Airi

Best Sweeper Nominations
Inagaki Kaori

Best On Time Nominations
Inagaki Kaori

Best SNS Nominations
Yamane Suzuha

Best Makeover (Imechen) Nominations
Kobayashi Ran

Best MC Nominations
Nakanishi Chiyori

Best Mic Nominations
Okada Nana

Best Dressed Nominations
Okabe Rin

Best Entertainer Nominations
Murayama Yuiri

Best Mood Maker Nominations
Shimoguchi Hinana

Best Support Nominations
Shimoguchi Hinana

MVP Nominations
Mogi Shinobu
Sato Airi