Kageyama Yuuka announced Graduation

#日向坂46, #影山優佳 – Hinatazak46 member Kageyama Yuuka announced her graduation from the group via her blog on 17 February 2023. Kageyama Yuuka (21) is another highly interesting member leaving the group at a young age. Already in Hiragana Keyaki times she took a longer break to prepare for the entrance examination at Tokyo University. Later, during a self-documentation, she confessed that she did not take the exam due to mental problems. At the time, she was torn between the group and her education and was thinking about graduation.
After returning to Hinatazaka46 , the media noticed her exceptional intellect and expertise in soccer so she was regularly invited to quiz and soccer shows. Unfortunately, due to the increasing stress, an old childhood affliction became noticeable again and Kageyama Yuuka developed problems with loud music, especially at concerts. She wanted to graduate from the group in the summer of 2022, but wanted to promote Hinatazaka46 again with her work as a moderator during the World Cup2022 and therefore postponed her graduation. Kageyama Yuuka plans to graduate from the group with the next single.