"Matsuda Konoka no All Night Nippon Zero" announced

#日向坂46 #松田好花 #松田好花ANN0 – It’s a dream come true for Hinatazaka46 member Matsuda Konoka. With Japanese radio station Nippon Broadcasting System dropping her weekly radio show “Hinatazaka46 Matsuda Konoka no Hinatazaka Koukou Housoubu” at the end of September, the station has announced that Matsuda Konoka will become a host of the popular “All Night Nippon Zero” series. She will host the new program “Matsuda Konoka no All Night Nippon Zero” every last Saturday of the month at 3AM.
As “coincidence” would have it, her slot is right behind the long-running show “Audrey no All Night Nippon” which is hosted by the popular Japanese comedy duo “Audrey”. “Audrey”, who host the Hinatazaka46 variety show “Hinatazaka de Aimashou,” have become part of the Hinatazaka46 family, and Matsuda Konoka is among their strongest fans.
Matsuda Konoka explained that she takes on this special broadcasting spot with a lot of respect and tries to remain herself. The premiere of “Matsuda Konoka no All Night Nippon Zero” is on 28 October 2023.