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Hirano Hikaru needs a break

#AKB48, #平野ひかる – The management of Japanese idol group AKB48 has announced that their AKB48 Team B / Team 8 member Hirano Hikaru will have to go on hiatus due to health reasons. AKB48...

Okumoto Hinano will graduate from AKB48

#AKB48, #奥本陽菜 – AKb48 Team 8 Hiroshima representative Okumoto Hinano announced her graduation from the group during a Showroom LIVE stream on 10 February 2022. She will leave the group when she graduates from...

Hirano Hikaru starts Twitter

#AKB48, #平野ひかる – AKB48 management activated the official Twitter account for their AKB48 Team 8 Member Hirano Hikaru on 14 December 2021. Hirano Hikaru Twitter: 今日からTwitterはじめます!!ぜひ、フォロー、いいね、コメントしてね😊 — 平野ひかる (@hikarun_0129) December 14, 2021