2019 JKT48 Sousenkyo Poster released

The first overseas group JKT48 of the AKB48 Group gets their first single with their own songs after almost eight years. For this reason, the JKT48 original single Senbatsu Sousenkyou will run until 27 November 2019, with the fans determining the members of Senbatsu (1st – 16th place) and Under Girls (17th – 32nd place). The winners will be announced during an event on 30 November 2019. The 21st single is announced for the early 2020. All members of the three teams of JKT48 and the Kekyuusei can participate. JKT48 has now published the election posters on its homepage and offered them for sale in the shop.

JKT48 Shop

2019 JKT48 Original Single General Election Homepage