Hama Sayuna performs in “Resistance Eleven.

AKB48 Team 8 member Hama Sayuna as well as EX-AKB48 Group members Katayama Haruka (AKB48), Takeuchi Mai (SKE48) and Kusaba Manami (HKT48) will be part of the stage play “Resistance Eleven”. The production is based on the popular Werewolf game and spies are hunted. The stage play will be performed from 8 to 16 February 2020 at the Cofrelio Shinjuku Theatre in three versions, Boy, Girl, Boy & Girl Mixed. Hama Sayuna and the three others are scheduled for the following performances:

Hama Sayuna: 9. (Girl), 10. (Boy & Girl Mixed), 14. (Girl)
Katayama Haruka: 9. (Girl), 10. (Boy & Girl Mixed), 12. (Girl), 14. (Girl), 15. (Girl)
Takeuchi Mai: 9. (Girl), 12. (Girl), 14. (Girl), 15. (Girl), 16. (Girl)
Kusaba Manami: 9. (Girl), 12. (Girl), 14. (Girl), 15. (Girl)

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