AKI-P Groups at “JAPAN EXPO MALAYSIA 2020” announced

This year’s Japan Convention “JAPAN EXPO MALAYSIA 2020” will take place virtually, but still many Japanese and other artists will present themselves. Highlight of the event are the two AKB48 Group groups SKE48 and JKT48, which will bring a joint cooperation to the screen. But also “THE COINLOCKERS” from producer Akimoto Yasushi will participate in the event. Except for the Meet & Greet Events all program elements will be free of charge and will be broadcasted via YouTube LIVE. The “JAPAN EXPO MALAYSIA 2020 GOES VIRTUAL” will take place on 18 and 19 July 2020.

■ SKE48 Members:
1. Ruka Inoue (Team S)
2. Yuki Arai (Team KII)
3. Yuna Ego (Team KII)
4. Nao Furuhata (Team KII)
5. Haruka Kumazaki (Team E)
6. Kaho Sato (Team E)

■ JKT48 Members:
1. Feni Fitriyanti(Team J)
2. Fransisca Saraswati(Team J)
3. M. G. Desy(Team KIII)
4. Shani Indira(Team KIII)
5. Shania Gracia(Team KIII)
6. Tan Zhi Hui Celine(Team T)