Future of the STU48 GO Theater ship – Theater carrier

Although the theater ship STU48 GO of the Japanese idol group STU48 would be almost perfect as a former RoRo ferry for the current STU48 shows with audience “Drive in LIVE ROUTE 2”, it is too small as a Drive in Theater. Because of the Corona crisis the theater was closed from February to June and has resumed its operation with streamed shows without audience in early July. The STU48 management would like to comply with the wish of many fans to participate live in the shows under consideration of the hygiene requirements. STU48 will therefore hold its shows on land at various locations or in the harbour from spring 2021. At the same time, the increased demand of the fans will be met for which the theater on board is too small. But this does not mean that STU48 will give up the ship. The opposite is the case. The STU48 GO will remain the base of STU48 and selected shows and productions will continue to be performed on board.

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