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Tanaka Kouko announces Graduation

STU48 member Tanaka Kouko announced her graduation from the group on 23 December 2020 during the Christmas special performance “Drive in X’mas Live – STU48 Kagai Katsudo Truck Stage”. A schedule for her graduation...

STU48 announces 6th Single

Japanese idol group STU48 has announced their 6th single for 17 February 2021. STU48の6thシングル📀リリースが2021年2月17日(水)に決定しました👏✨その他シングルに関する情報は決まり次第お届けします💁お楽しみに! — STU48 (@STU48_official_) December 16, 2020

STU48 members appointed " Officer for a Day"

STU48 members Ishida Chiho and Yano Honoka were appointed “Officers for a Day” on the JR West ferry between Miyajimaguchi and Miyajima in Hiroshima Prefecture on 10 December 2020. Ishida Chiho was appointed “Director...

STU48 drops anchor at Budokan

The Japanese idol group STU48 will drop anchor and give a concert at the renowned Japanese concert hall Nippon Budokan on 15 January 2021. STU48 Homepage

Yabushita Fu & Mineyoshi Arisa starts Instagram

STU48 management has opened official accounts with Instagram for its two members Yabushita Fu and Mineyoshi Arisa. Yabushita Fu Instagram: Mineyoshi Arisa Instagram:

Shimizu Sara must take a break

The STU48 management has announced that their STU48 Kenkyusei Shimizu Sara has to take a longer break for health reasons. Shimizu Sara explained in her last blog entry, that she has been feeling sick...

STU48 holds Graduation of "STU48 go"

Can the STU48 members really break away from an important member of STU48  the theater ship “STU48 go”? This question will be explored in a stage production “Selfish amity’s”. Sugiura Takao’s innovative group SEPT,...

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