AKB48 Group Shops go separate Ways

After Vernalossom former “AKS Co., Ltd.” converted the individual idol groups of the AKB48 Group into independent groups at the beginning of the year and withdrew from the management of the individual groups, the common AKB48 Group Shop is now also getting closed. After NMB48 opened its own online store in April 2020, AKB48, HKT48 and NGT48 are now following. HKT48 and NGT48 opened their own store on 7 November 2020. AKB48 will follow on 1December 2020. STU48 has had its own online store from the beginning. The AKB48 Group Store will close at the end of January 2021 with a clearance sale. The Japanese proxy service provider Buyee has meanwhile closed its AKB48 Group site.

AKB48 Online Shop: (TBA)

SKE48 Online Shop: (TBA)

HKT48 Online Shop: https://shop.hkt48.jp

NGT48 Online Shop: https://shop.ngt48.jp/

NMB48 Online Shop: https://official-goods-store.jp/nmb48/

STU48 Online Shop: https://store.plusmember.jp/stu48/

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