Kashiwagi Yuki resumes Activities

#AKB48, #柏木由紀 – The management, Watanabe Entertainment, of AKB48 member Kashiwagi Yuki has announced that doctors have allowed Kashiwagi Yuki to resume her activities on June 15, 2021 her 30th birthday. Kashiwagi Yuki, who had been suffering from left-sided numbness in her arm and leg since November, was diagnosed with syringomyelia a cavity in the spinal cord during an MRI scan during the medical program “Shuji Ga Mitsukaru Shinryo Sho.” Kashiwagi Yuki had stopped all activities with AKB48 for the treatment and postponed her birthday concert. Her cooperation with WACK for a joint single with seven WACK groups will also resume soon.

Watanabe Entertainment

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