Title Song to "Shurayuki-hime" with Imaizumi Yui released

#今泉佑唯 – EX-Keyakizaka46 member Imaizumi Yui has released her solo ” Shurayuki” from the stage play “Shurayuki-hime” as a digital single on international streaming platforms. “Shurayuki-hime” is the new stage adaptation of the manga series “Shurayukihime” (Lady Snowblood) by writer duo Koike Kazou and Kamimura Kazou. Imaizumi Yui plays the lead role in the play . Kubota Sou wrote the new stage version of “Shurayuki-hime”. It is directed by Okamura Shunichi. In addition to Imaizumi Yui, AKB48 member Onishi Momoka and Last Idol member Yasuda Airi will also appear in the play. The Meiji era play about a woman on a quest for revenge ran from 19 to 21 November 2021 at CBGK Shibugeki!!!.


Digital Single Shurayuki