Umeyama Cocona announced Graduation from NMB48

#NMB48, #梅山恋和 – Just days after Japanese idol group NMB48 named its members Umeyama Cocona and Jonishi Rei as the new W-Center of NMB46’s upcoming 26th single, Umeyama Cocona announced her graduation from the group during the performance at NMB48 Theater on 5 January 2022. Together with Jonishi Rei and EX-NMB48 member Yamamoto Ayaka, she formed the popular unit LAPIS ARCH in 2019. As a reason for her graduation, she explained that she had been having trouble balancing school and NMB48 for some time and had therefore been thinking about leaving for a while. She wants to concentrate more on school in the future and attend an acting school later on.

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