Seijin no Hi 2022: Nogizaka46 “New 2001 Flower Generation”

#乃木坂46 – The Japanese idol group Nogizaka46 celebrated its 10th anniversary last year, and for just as long, the new adult Nogizaka46 members make a pilgrimage to the Nogi-jinja in Tokyo to celebrate their Coming of Age (Seijin no Hi). This year on 7 January 2022, Nogizaka46 appeared before the Shrine with the largest number of members in the group’s history. The eight members Sato Rika, Kanagawa Saya, Sakaguchi Tamami, Kubo Shiori, Endo Sakura, Kaki Haruka, Nakamura Reno, Kitagawa Yuri appeared in dreamlike furisodes (kimono version for unmarried women). Kubo Shiori, the representative of the group , explained in response to the  traditional question about the name of the generation: In the past, there had been the “94 Flower Generation” with seven members, but all these members have since graduated from the group. She had followed these “Seniors” for a long time. Today, only 3rd and 4th Generation members are standing here and all of them want to give something special to the 10th anniversary of Nogizaka46. And so she wants to be the “New 2001 Flower Generation”. With determination, “With respect to my “Seniors”, I call us the “New 2001 Flower Generation”.

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