The End of a Journey is the Beginning of a New One. Little Glee Monsters are looking for new Travel Acquaintances

#リトグリ- With the graduation of the two members Hasegawa Serina (Serina) and Fukumoto Manaka (manaka) at the end of the current tour “Little Glee Monster LiveTour 2022 Journey” on 24 July 2022, in which both could not participate due to health reasons, the common journey of the five Little Glee Monsters Karen, MAYU, Serina, Manaka and Asahi comes to an end after almost 10 years. However, the remaining three members Karen, MAYU and Asahi now want to work harder on their shared dream of a Japanese singing group that makes the world smile with music, and are now looking for new friends to join them in making their dream come true.
Watanabe Entertainment and Sony Music have jointly formed “Monster Groove Lab.” to make this dream come true. In this lab, musicians and creatives who have the same dream as Little Glee Monster will work together under the guidance of LGM to make it a reality. As a first step of the new journey will be the “M∞NSTER AUDITION”, where again the best female singers in Japan will be sought, but not only to reinforce LGM but also for solo projects. Applications can be submitted from 25 July 2022.

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